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We invite like-minded businesses to visit for a retreat, to conduct group meetings and team builds in a secure, private & exclusive setting. 


Residential in feel, guests are welcomed to stay for business while experiencing discreet Summit style hospitality integrated seamlessly into their agenda. Bespoke architecture, comfortable design, and approachable service are complemented by Skywalker Wines, Wagyu, olive oil, honey, and seasonal produce from the organic garden. Customized programs support a client’s purpose during their visit.



Inspired by a vision to provide a haven for filmmakers to conceptualize movies rather than physically make them, George Lucas imagined Skywalker Ranch. The facilities were originally custom-designed to accommodate the creative, technical and administrative needs of Lucas’s production company. In 2018, Summit Skywalker Ranch was reimagined as a creative retreat for likeminded businesses to stay and experience the Skywalker vision and features a gallery of narrative art from George’s private collection.

The Ranch is a working ranch that raises Wagyu cattle, farms produce from an organic garden, and an olive orchard. Several bee colonies provide honey from the 6000-acre estate. A 26-acre vineyard, established in 1991, produces award-winning Skywalker Vineyards Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and sparkling wines.



The impeccably tailored Frank Lloyd Wright inspired and designed creative retreat only hints at the exclusive sophistication within. Hidden in the hills of Nicasio with its magnificent landscape, is the retreat where you can explore the creative space and enjoy the newly renovated opulence. Within this stunning 130,000 sq ft building, a custom curated program is developed to incorporate exclusive experiences to support your business goals.

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