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Hiking Trails

Multiple hiking trails are built in throughout Skywalker Ranch.  Hike 1 mile up thru the hills and forests to arrive at the observatory, nestled in the heart of the Skywalker Vineyards.

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City of San Francisco

One of the nicest things about visiting San Francisco is that, although the city is “big” in terms of attractions and amenities, it is geographically small – only 49 square miles. Only 20 minutes south of Skywalker Ranch, you can walk the Golden Gate Bridge, view Alcatraz Island or shop the local neighborhoods.

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California wine country

Explore neighboring Napa and Sonoma Wine Country. With stunning natural beauty, world-class wines, delicious farm-to-table food, charming small towns, and a dynamic arts scene, Napa and Sonoma County are only a short 30 minute drive away.

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